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WHY DO MY FEET HURT IN SKIBOOTS ? Total Feet has summarized the most common problems by foot shape and the solutions that will enable to enjoy skiing pain free

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It is not an orthopedic center in the general sense of the word, it is not a sports store nor a workshop catering exclusively to professional racers. Rather, TOTAL FEET stems from Mark Festor’s passion and professional experience in foot orthotics and his extensive knowledge of ski boots.


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As a ski instructor my feet are my tools.In March 2006 my feet in my skiboots were causing so much pain Even with foot warmers my feet were always cold, the pain was starting the first day of the season until the last day, I was really suffering and some days it was a nightmare to put on and take off my ski boots. I was thinking about quitting as ski instructor , my true passion in skiing.. After I met Mark it was getting better immediately. I was so happy to feel my feet controlling my skis back and not like having a piece of wood at the end of each leg. Mark is true passionate and I can say he has been my savior, a real magician. Again I’m happy to go skiing, happy to teach, happy to live my passion ever since >> Claude DECAGNY, private ski instructor , 3 Valleys , France
Mark Festor works from his heart, his level of competence is unrivalled and you will get the ultimate pair of ski boots to suit your needs... >> Bernard CHESNEAU ski mastery , Val d'isère
Comfortable in my boots 250 days/year. Mark’s knowledge and experience enables me to find a comfortable fitting boot that also performs well for my body shape and my ability. It’s a time consuming process where you will see for yourself the attention to detail Mark puts in every fitting. >> Nathalie Ouédraogo
“I’ve met Mark last year and ever since we have been able to improve together my ski boot fit. My skiing requires not to neglect any detail and he always is a step ahead. >> Manu GAIDET



You wish  to find an answer to a foot related problem in ski or skitouring boots.
Total Feet has summarized the most common problems by foot shape  and the different solutions  that will enable to enjoy skiing pain free.

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