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We’ve been  using this process since the 60’s. PU foam liquid  flows into empty bladder located in the lateral sides on the liner. The chemical reaction enables the foam to expand, filling the gap between the foot and the shell
During the 70-80’s all major skiboot manufactor did integrate this technique in their high end skiboots for their racer’s or high performance skiers. But it didn’t fullfill the skiers expectations: very tigh fitting around the heel or  toe area ,  cold feets, difficulty to put or take off the skiboots at the end of the day.At this time, the chemical reaction was unstable and difficult to control in term of foam stiffness

Today, this has such as the skiboot   technology drastically improved, but the process requires a strict attention throughout the making of a foam injected skibbot

  • Skiboot selection and shell fiiting  in order to match your feet
  • A custom made ski footbed
  • a foam oriented workspace

By my work experience and standard in this field  SIDAS remains the best liner on the market with its foam injected tongue. This liner will need the expectation of demanding top skiers looking for additional fitting precision the foot as well as on the skis.the latest development in skiboot technology as well as in   other  custom made  liner technologies  (  INTUITION in the Thermo liner segment and ZIPFIT  in the custom made liner)  enables us to select the right typ of liner for  the skier’s feet and expectations . A complete and throughout assessment will guide this choice.