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Hotronic Heat XLP one

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Powered by high capacity, lithium-ion Battery Packs, Hotronic’s Heat Socks XLP ONE offer three (3) base level settings for comfort and warmth maintenance while Boost Setting 4 offers an extra blast of heat when needed.
The Power Fit Index (PFI) indicates the overall level of gradual pressure distribution woven into each pair of BootDoc’s Power Fit Socks. PFI 30 designates a gentle pressure distribution while PFI 90 classifies as strong and is therefore only found in BootDoc’s performance series.
PFI 50 – Soft, compression rating of 10-15 mmHg.

The XLP ONE Power Set consists of 2 powerful Lithium-Ion Battery Packs and 1 Recharger.
This will provide you up to 14hours of warmth

Price   : 220,00€