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Total Feet high altitude liner by INTUTION

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TOTAL FEET High Altitude   climbing liner by INTUTION x

This liner has been specially designed to meet the new climbing boots in low and high altitude.
TOTAL FEET has developped this liner with the french elite military climbing unit  GMHM.
Since 2014 several expeditions in Nepal, Pakistan, have successfully used this liner

Specs : Tongue style liner,  low cuff  , made with 9mm  INTUITION SS foam, sole section 9mm SS foam PVC outsole
no inside lining material: the liner is completely dry after wiping the inside with a dry cloth: The most appreciated  feature at 7000m overnight in the tent
The heel and rearfoot are much more secure after the molding

This liner is compatible with most key high altitude climbing models: Scarpa Phantom 8000, Sportiva Olympus Men’s cube,G2 Evo, Millet  Everest Summit
Weight : 148 grs in size 26
Size :   22-29
Price : 225,00€ ( liner only)
Total Feet recommends the custom made Mountain pro thermo footbed : 175,00€
Total Feet  liner fitting : 60,00€