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Zipfit Gara x

The GARA and WORLD CUP are pre-packed with the lowest volume of OneMinuteFit self-molding cork composite. They are specifically designed for normal volume feet in medium- and low-volume shells (1500-1800cc and 92-98mm), and for higher volume feet in ski boot shells sized 98mm or higher.
GARA and WORLD CUP inner boot models are available with leather or Neoprene lining around your foot.

Specs :

OneMinuteFit, or OMFit, is a proprietary formula of granulated cork and dry-ceramic “clay” binders that is pre-packed into your Zipfits.
Dozens of formulas were tested in evolving OMFit to create a formula that combines the optimum viscosity and density to work in the extreme and most demanding environment of ski boots.

Our cork compound is superior because it never compresses, deteriorates or shrivels-up the way synthetic materials, foams and fillers do. Cork yields under pressure and vibration without deforming or losing support and always returns to original memory.

  • OMFit never hardens or catalyzes. This is one essential ingredient that makes ZipFit liners like no other you’ve tried.
  • The cork in OMFit is a living fiber and does not deteriorate, even in the most extreme conditions and use.
  • OMFit is the most resilient, supportive, protective, shock absorbing, heat exchange and insulating material ever devised for use in ski boots.

Sizes : 22- 31
 GARA  Néoprène : 300,00€
 GARA     Leather : 350,00€
Total Feet fitting service : 150,00€
For the strong skiers, upgrade to the Total Feet Racing tongue and discover another dimension :
Total Feet Racing tongue  : 100,00€