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ZIPFIT Grand Prix Feeride

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Grand Prix Freeride x

Suitable for all A/T and freeride shells
The top section of the collar has been softened  to allow a better lower leg movement in hike mode
Also suitable for thick calves or lower legs
On this TOTAL FEET model , the tongue is adjustable with a velco attachment for a better instep adjustment
The collar lacing is with metallic eyelets  for a precise shin contact

Specs : The GARA and WORLD CUP are pre-packed with the lowest volume of OneMinute Fit self-molding cork composite.

Our cork compound is superior because it never compresses, deteriorates or shrivels-up the way synthetic materials, foams and fillers do. Cork yields under pressure and vibration without deforming or losing support and always returns to original memory.

  • OMFit never hardens or catalyzes. This is one essential ingredient that makes ZipFit liners like no other you’ve tried.
  • The cork in OMFit is a living fiber and does not deteriorate, even in the most extreme conditions and use.
  • OMFit is the most resilient, supportive, protective, shock absorbing, heat exchange and insulating material ever devised for use in ski boots.

Size : 21- 31
Gd Prix  Freeride   Néoprène : 300,00€
Gd Prix Freeride Leather : 350,00€
Total Feet Fitting  : 150,00€

For the strong skiers, upgrade to the Total Feet Racing tongue and discover another dimension :
Total Feet Racing tongue  : 100,00€