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AZ skis by Alain Zancox


As the company name rules the business , my world is all about feet and making them happy in your skiboots or sports shoes . This is about a long relationship that started as a professionnal one in 2000  when Alain Zanco was head of the R&D dept of Skis ROSSIGNOL in Voiron. After a year as skiboot racing dept mgr  for Rossignol ski boots, I’ve been appointed to his dept which the goal to set up a skiboot resaerch section in the R&D dept.
Our goal was to work on the evoluition of the next generation on ski equipment integrating  skiboot-ski-binding
We had to start from scratch as in Voiron their main  field of expertise was the ski. During those 5 years , we have been able to patent more over  6 patents  related to the skiboot, foot  in winter sports.
2005 : reorganization at Skis Rossignol
Alain  starts Atelier AZ  :  his goal produce the skis he would like true ski enthusiast  to ski on based on an extensive knowledge and  proven experience.
Mid 2007 , I start  TOTAL FEET with the same goal but in skiboots,
We are guided by the same objectif : passion , dedicated to our field of expertise,  for our clients 

Last winter, I’ve been able to ski  on his skis, and my  definition of skis has radically changed:  Pleasure, a sense of forgiveness, a real toy under your feet. You’ll be able to ski, carve, edge without being dominated by the skis.

AZ Atelier  test center in Archamps :You’ll find 4 different pairs of skis will be available for my clients to test .
I just hope to  transmit my addiction to some of my  clients.
These skis are rented on a 48h basis .
A 200,00€ rental will be charged.
GS Master : Ladies GS  173 cm
GS Master  :Mens GS 184 cm
Stagger Classic  Walnut : 175cm
All Mountain : 177 cm 
Freeride light weight : 175cm  A/T Plum bindings
Stagger  MC  163 Race : Plum raing bindings + skins
Classic 183 TLK  version with The m equipment bindings

After your test if you wish to purchase  a pair of AZ Skis , allow 1- 3 weeks for the production . All skis are factory set to your ski boot length , delivered in a ski bag and ready to hit the slopes



Mountain RaceSimultaneously to the tailor-making, I offer a “ready-to-wear” ski for which every size is optimized according to the morphology, sportiness, purpose, speed, and bend radius of a representative user of the ski population.”  More information on the  website  of AZ-Skis  :