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AZ skis by Alain Zancox


As the company name rules the business , my world is all about feet and making them happy in your skiboots or sports shoes . This is about a long relationship that started as a professionnal one in 2000  when Alain Zanco was head of the R&D dept of Skis ROSSIGNOL in Voiron. After a year as skiboot racing dept mgr  for Rossignol ski boots, I’ve been appointed to his dept which the goal to set up a skiboot resaerch section in the R&D dept.
Our goal was to work on the evoluition of the next generation on ski equipment integrating  skiboot-ski-binding
We had to start from scratch as in Voiron their main  field of expertise was the ski. During those 5 years , we have been able to patent more over  6 patents  related to the skiboot, foot  in winter sports.
2005 : reorganization at Skis Rossignol
Alain  starts Atelier AZ  :  his goal produce the skis he would like true ski enthusiast  to ski on based on an extensive knowledge and  proven experience.
Mid 2007 , I start  TOTAL FEET with the same goal but in skiboots,
We are guided by the same objectif : passion , dedicated to our field of expertise,  for our clients 

Last winter, I’ve been able to ski  on his skis, and my  definition of skis has radically changed:  Pleasure, a sense of forgiveness, a real toy under your feet. You’ll be able to ski, carve, edge without being dominated by the skis.

You’ll find  ,4 different pairs of skis will be available for my clients to  test . All the skis are binding factory mounted  to your skiboot length, in a ski bag and ready to use on the slopes.
I just hope to  transmit my addiction to some of my  clients


Simultaneously to the tailor-making, I offer a “ready-to-wear” ski for which every size is optimized according to the morphology, sportiness, purpose, speed, and bend radius of a representative user of the ski population.”  More information on the  website  of AZ-Skis  :