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Drawing on his experience at the Rossignol R&D department in Voiron, Mark Festor wanted to create a working environment based on the most up-to-date and advanced techniques in his field.

The laboratory is equipped with the most cutting-edge measuring tools available on the market today. Mark’s analysis of the results is all the more precise thanks to the accuracy and reliability of these tools. The measurements are built around three distinct goals

  • optimizing movement
  • correcting any defects
  • creating a custom-made insole and shoe

The overall aim is to collect all the necessary information using the most reliable and accurate approach possible. All of these measurements help to provide an in-depth understanding of the foot in all of its complexity.

The approach must therefore be simple and adaptable to any kind of problem or issue.

To achieve these goals, TOTAL FEET uses measuring tools that gather all the information necessary for making diagnostics in the field of sports shoes.

Scarpa_Trail Dame


Jean-Baptiste, Geneva

“Hi Mark,

I have finally tried out my new insoles and I just wanted to say thanks!
I feel much more stable on my two feet and more conformable in my shoes. (I also want to add that it’s really helped boost my confidence, and my movements and weight transfer are much more fluid).

“I’ve just received my last golfing insoles. They are little technical miracles! Mark has met all of my needs and provides a truly professional service.

Mark has just added a section in carbon for even greater support and also a section to reinforce the outside of the left foot for better resistance during the back swing.”