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If you’re looking  for a true custom fitted liner, Sven Coomer’s ZIPFIT  will be the answer

You’re looking for  the comfort of a standard slipper , the overall grip of a correctly foam injected liner, a fitting just as comfortable as the thermo liner molding, the ZIPFIT liner  from Sven COOMER is your answer.
This liner concept has been designed and elaborated over the years by one of the last true ski boot “gurus”. Sven has been involved in the 70’s with NORDICA  in the design of the former DOBERMANN ski boot. Sven is constantly improving his liners. They are still made in MONTEBELLUNA Italy, heartland of all the major ski boot and mountain climbing manufactors.
Charateristics: All the liners are  handmade with top quality material : leather, forefoot in neoprene quilted with wool in the  toe section. The liner come with a anatomical lacing system designed to provide the overall foot and lower leg section with a precise fit. In fact they fit like a glove with added warmth
The  “OMFIT” fitting system
The OMFIT fitting system OneMinuteFit ©, (OMfit©) is a proprietary composite formulation of granulated cork with a “ceramic” binding-adhesive agent.
It has a unique capacity to stabilize the feet and lower legs in both comfort and warmth; that means heel hold-down. OMfit’s very particular self-molding viscosity and density, and it’s specific sensitivity to temperature has been formulated and perfected over 4 decades from the original cork-and-oil flow formula of the early 70’s.This material keeps on shifting in the rearfoot bladders as well as in the tongue to provide you the unique fitting your feet constantly require throughout the season.

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