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Bootfitting , how to make your feet happyx

BOOTFITTNG  (eng)  to match a skiboot to your feet. This isn’t a science but an art that only a few master…
“Skiing, don’t talk about it, just thinking about putting on skiboots, the nightmare begins..but I have to if I want to bring the kids on the slopes…”
“My feet are screaming bloody murder going downhill, and then I have to open the boots sit in the snow and massage my feet until they come back to life”
“I had to buy boots  one size bigger, my heel is loose on matter how tight the buckles are set and I can’t control my skis….


The solution  : Le Bootfitting by TOTAL FEET

Nowadays, the ski boots have drastically improved in terms of inner boot comfort as well as shell components: They became softer, easier to fit and warmer.
 But still a crucial problem still remains unsolved :
1. they can’t fit every foot.
2. Each foot is different,
3. Every skiboot  manufacture produces   their skiboot range  on a specific shell and innerboot last.
No matter if you are  downhill skiboots, mountaineering, or telemark , Total Feet will fit them to your specific foot shape. After a overall foot and ski boot assessment  we will custom fit the shell to your foot shape eliminating all the different pressure points : from ball of the foot pain, heel or arch pain.


write us or call. We will send you and information sheet you will fill to know more about your feet, problem and ski boots
We will get back to you  and schedule your appointment

 A 1h30 one-on-one meeting
A full podiatric assessment – static and dynamic analysis
Measurements of both feet: length, width, instep height, diameter of lower calf
Molding and adjusting of shell to the shape of your feet
Creating an insole especially designed for alpine sports and entirely custom-made
Individual canting adjustments
An explanation on how to properly adjust the boot buckles
Any adjustments you may need throughout the season to ensure ultimate boot comfort


 If during the ski boot assessment, the shell size is diagnosed as  not suitable for your foot structure or  too big from your recommended foot size ( usually 2 sizes over your foot size) , TOTAL FEET won’t be able to perform a miracle …..….. but will guide you  and fit you with the most appropriate new pair of  skiboots

Our bootfitting goal...

BOOTFITTING: pieds dans un étau à pieds sur un coussin