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You’ve always enjoyed skiing until you had to undergo a  major  foot surgery  after a sports or everyday injury that has quite altered your foot structure and shape. You’ve tried  to put back your ski boots and discovered that this wasn’t possible.

TOTAL FEET specializes in the production and modification of custom-made ski boots for people suffering from serious orthopedic conditions or injuries to the foot or ankle, and who want to start skiing again.

Each year, 4-5 skiers   rediscover the pleasure of getting back on the slopes,  with their friends  or family just as before
These unsual fitting will take some time. For this I usually work on 2 separate appointments
Appointment 1 : Full assessment,  shell selection , making of the foot beds  shell fitting to match your feet
Appointment 2:  Molding of the inner boots, modification if necessary .


If this is the case, please contact me first by the contact sheet

Total  ankle arthrodesis with a fixed angulation  at 80 °
Heel lift of 30mm in the shell ( 20mm on the footboard -10mm under the footbed  )
3 piece shell for easy entry and a custom molded thermo overlap innerboot  chaussure avec chausson thermo overlap.
3h30 labor

Joris , ski instructor, La plagne,Mégève

After a severe tibia fibula fracture  with skin healing complications and an anevrism of the fibular artery, I’ve been recommendeed to get in touch with Total Feet  as I did want to get back into teaching as an ski pro . Mark has been able to find the right solution  to stop the pressure and pain caused by the osteosynthetis  material  in my leg. I wish to thank Mark who has been able to get me back on the skis  for the whole season only a year after the accident
Skiboot modifications:  Thermo INTUITION overlap innerboot , modification of the the whole shin area where the osteosynthetis  material and skin grafs  in order to avoid pressure on thes sensitive zones ( Silomer shock damping foam in a low densitiy  ( 6-8mm thick encapulsed into the INTUITION HD foam ) New inside micro perfomed foam glued and stiched.

Shell modification
Joris has been able to ski all winter long without any consequences on his healing.