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Intuition liners

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Made out of closed cells EVA foam specifically designed to be moldable ULTRALON Foam , flexible for users at all levels. The liner has a defined thickness and foam density.
The molding process requires to heat up the liner in an air pulsed oven for 15 mn.
During this lap of time, the foam cells with expand, providing the liner a greater volume and become overall malleable ( thermo molding process) We wrap liner around the foot, gently slide the foot into the shell, and buckle up the boot.
During the cooling process ( 15mn ) the liner will mold to the inner volume between the foot and the shell.
Advantages :
Lightweight liner, warm ( EVA foam), suitable for most comfort range ski boots , mountaineering boots and snowboard boots
Warning Lately the thermo liner has become a common product used by several skiboot manufactor’s as OEM liner . The thermo liner performance depends on the EVA chemical  elaboration density and lining construction . A lot of customers have regretfully discovered this after using their boot purchased with a OEM thermo liner…Some  liners will pack out, providing a loose fitting around the foot and ankle region in no time…

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