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YOUR Feet are different
YOU are unique
WE got the solutions 

A real custom made ski boot to your feet:
footbeds, liner & shell 


from  870,00 €


from 1050,00 €


from 1090,00 €


from 985,00 €


from 1020,00 €


from  800,00 €

Racing boots
racing fitting deptx

Racing is a world of its own: moving from edge to edge in a thousandth of a second, full power transmission to the skis, anticipating tricky sections… a subtle adjustment will allow the racer to guide his skis towards the perfect course line and gain the split second needed to get ahead.
TOTAL FEET will provide you a  top fitting  no matter if you are a young U10 to Master FIS level. You will finally feel what a fine transmission the skiboot  be able to provide
discover our sales and fitting program 

  Total Feet: Your feet are in the best hands 

It is not an orthopedic center in the general sense of the word, it is not a sports store nor a workshop catering exclusively to professional racers. Rather, TOTAL FEET stems from Mark Festor’s passion and professional experience in foot orthotics and his extensive knowledge of ski boots.

Custom made footbeds
For sports, orthotics, or just to make your feet happy !

Orthotics  is a science. Making orthotics also combines knowledge of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and engineering.
Total Feet  has been involved in this field for over 40 years  and still provide the best to make the right pair for you.
The orthotics are are made in one appointment only ( 2hours) 

Summer mountain shoes: from hiking to climbing

In 2021, we have opened a summer mountaineering dept with the sales of  hiking, mountain climbing shoes. Our customers will be able to get the right shoe for their feet and summer outings
Our selection  is  aimed  to help  you to fit in a shoe that they have trouble finding in their regular sports shop


from  180,00 €


from  250,00 €


from  335,00 €