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Ski Mojo ski longer and strongerx

The power assisted skiing

Ski~Mojo is a mechanism based on a powerful adjustable spring that supports around 1/3 of the body weight. By compressing the springs in the bending phase, it restores energy and increases muscle power tenfold during extension.
The suspension effect of the springs reduces vibrations, impacts and pressure on the knees by 40%. It also relieves the hips and back.
Knee flexion requires an additional, imperceptible energy expenditure.
This additional hamstring work, estimated at 10%, combined with a 30% reduction in quadriceps contraction helps to protect the cruciate ligaments.
The production of lactic acid, which renders the muscles ineffective, is delayed and limited. This reduces the risk of fatigue-related accidents and muscle soreness.

For whom?:

For riders who want to improve their performance
For skiers looking to relieve knees, thighs, hips and back
For skiers who want to ski more
For all skiers who want more safety and limit the risk of injury

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“I’ve been personally  using the Ski Mojo since 2009 , and am just like a kid on the slopes all day long. I’m able to ski  all day long at 110% out beating my skis…… even at over 65 years old  Mark FESTOR 

The Ski Mojo  is a set   with 2 exoskeleton legs (left & right), the harness, boot connectors (temporary and final), 1 allen key and French/English user guide

Ski Mojo GOLD  for skiers  75>135kgs
Ski Mojo SILVER for skiers 55 > 85 kgs
Ski Mojo BLUE for skiers  < 55kgs

Price  : 685.00€

overall fitting and adjustments included

Wish to try out before buying?

Total Feet will set you up with your ski mojo for a WE  test trial
Price: 100,00€ / 2 days
This will be deducted from your purchase  if  you are convinced.

ski mojo ski longer and stronger

ski mojo augmented skiing