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Hiking trekking shoes

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The backpacking  or trekking shoe

The hiking shoe par excellence. A construction with a secure support of the ankle without restricting the natural flexion of the ankle when walking up or down.
The sole is thicker and more cushioning: it must ensure the stability of the foot and the ankle in the shoe of the unevenness of the ground or the paths or stony trails . The profile of the sole ensures excellent traction and control of the step in varied terrain but also  prevents from slipping  on stones or wet grass.
The upper section will provide  support and protection around the ankle. The lining is made of leather or with a breathable lining to evacuate  the moisture

Its weight is generally around 1200 gr/shoe. These shoes  will provide you comfort, support, and grip whether it is for a walk of several hours or a tour of the Mt Blanc

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