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Our goal is to be able to advise you, to benefit from our knowledge and expertise and to find a solution so that you can fully enjoy your excursions, ballads in mountain.
Our selection is particularly aimed at “difficult” feet, who can’t find a shoe that fits. But also to all the people who wish to be really well in their shoes without problems.
For this reason, we work with 2 leading brands in the world of mountain shoes


Italian brand born in the capital of mountain footwear (Asolo-Montebelluna) which has developed and refined its range of mountain shoes, according to the needs of different sports activities in the mountains, whether in winter or summer. They have stayed true to their footwear design while adapting all of their mountain boots to the level of the participants.
Mark knows these products inside out. He sold his first SCARPA mountain boots in 1985


Born in Bavaria in 1921 in a cobbler’s shop, 100 years later, still the same passion and expertise that the master cobbler HANS WAGNER knew how to give to his products and his legacy to all workers in the different factories and the most trusted users
know-how (its shape volume shoe)
quality (materials, production in Europe)
The pride of a well finished product


HANWAG offers us the possibility of fitting a wide range of people with “difficult feet” in its range of mountain boots:
Narrow feet ; wide or even very wide forefeet; hallux-valgus problems” the bugnions”

We will always be able to direct you towards a model more appropriate to your morphology or technical wish by a special order near these 2 manufacturers and according to the availability: this might require a short delay for your fitting appointment ( usually less than 5 days)



 We advise you and take the time to know your needs in terms of feet,  and concerns
 We work by appointment only…

If necessary, our SHOELAB workshop will customize your shoes: widening of the feet, volume of the toe box, adaptation of the heel volume.
This work will be charged between 40,00€-100,00€ / pair

It will also be possible for us to make you a custom-made orthopedic insole for mountain and hiking boots

Randonnée foret

Hans WAGNER a bootmaker’s tale and his legacy