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  a 20m2 workshop for customized ski boot fitting and making tailor-made shoes for all alpine sports

Nowadays, 95% of all skiers don’t need  to be fitted with a custom made liner, but with a skiboot that matches their footshape. A skiboot must be fitted to your foot. Each shell  can be made to match your foot with the use of specific tools and technique ( heat boot strechting- shell grinding) to reach this goal.

Grinding, stretching, adjusting, padding – my workshop will work its magic to make your ski boots as comfortable as possible. It caters to casual skiers and professional racers alike.

I provide canting adjustments to the shells of ski boots for performance skiing and racing , ski boot sole routing or wedging

Modifications to the inner boots are done using an industrial shoemaker’s sewing machine by altering the structure of the original liner  and tongue in order to create an inner boot that fits the form of your feet or for people who struggle to find well-fitted boots (foot, ankle or lower leg injuries) and don’t want to give on skiing

Video presentation of the SHOELAB environnement