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The best custom ski boot liner you never had, ever

The first skiboot built around the foot
Simple, comfort, absolute precision

Ever since  the early days of  modern skiing , we all have found out that  all feet are different when it comes to skiboots, no matter what your level is.
For all ski boot manufacturers , the ideal foot shape on which they may produce their reference last   has always been a  nightmare:  a normal  or wide fore foot, how about the heel : rounded or narrow; ankles  , large or smaller section . Their goal remains always the same: be able to fit all skiers  no matter if they live un north America, japan, europe , china or down under…
ULTIMATEFIT is the final step in Mark’s perseverance and dedication  to find the best  liner in terms of fitting  skiboots and the foot . For some, this  still remains a grail. For others, this has come true, with a liner  that really fits like a glove.

You’ll find the complete history and ULTIMATEFIT features on the website

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