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How can we fit your soft  sports shoes to match your feet?

Whatever your sporting activity: mountain walking, hiking, trekking abroad, cycling, trail running, your feet will be put to the test: courses with significant differences in altitude, unstable paths and trails, need for insurance

the choice of the shoe remains essential, the customization of your shoe to your feet the heart of our know-how

TOTAL FEET will be able to customize your sports shoes with a shoe deformation material specially adapted to soft leather shoes: deformation of the forefoot and of the volume at the level of the toes, such as for Hallux Valgus or problems related to width.

Our Shoelab workshop has equipment specially designed to modify the volume of the shoe according to the shape of your feet while respecting soft materials such as leather or synthetic fabrics. It is a tooling well known in cobbler workshops  Over time, we have designed wedges and lasts to bring you modifications without altering the performance of the different materials of the shoe, nor its permeability.

The stretching  and last modification  of the soft shoes, they will have to remain on stretchers during 24 hours minimum in order to respect the mechanical work of the soft materials.

Shoelab summer version

We cannot work with the same equipment and tolls as with plastic skiboots  such as  griding, shell expansion  with hydraulic jacks.
Leather or soft materials must be adapted and stretched gently while respecting the mechanical properties of the materials.

For which shoes?
Mountain, trekking and mountaineering shoes, cycling shoes, and some trail running shoes

How to proceed ?
At the time of purchase, we check with you the right size, that the shape corresponds well to your morphology. We recommend a period of “break-in” of the shoes with small outings so that the shoe conforms to your feet.
If necessary, we can then perfect your shoe by customizing it.
Please call before coming
Bring your usual shoes and socks

We will measure the perimeter of your foot with the socks, evaluate the areas of conflict, prepare the shape with the elements of deformation

The shoe(s) will have to be on the stretchers for  24h


Cost : 30,00€ shoe – 60,00€ pair

Summer sports orthotics

The  foot must be able to ensure its functions of shock absorber, guidance, and propulsion in all circumstances and whatever the profile of the ground.
Many problems arise in particular when walking in the mountains due to the profile of the terrain (uphill-downhill), the instability of the paths, and the stiffness of the shoes.
As with skiing, city foot supports are not adapted to the mechanical work of the foot, nor to the volume of mountain boots.

Over the years, TOTAL FEET has developed lightweight, custom-made footbeds with shock-absorbing materials and corrective elements that are particularly well-suited to mountain hiking.
The custom-made insole designed for trekking or mountaineering will improve your foot comfort, increase the precision of your footing when scraping, and reduce the fatigue of your plantar muscles for many hours.

The making requires 1h30 of your time .  The orthotics are made during your appointment

Price  from 200,00€ to 300,00€ /pair