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  • Do you feel muscle pain or tightness around the knees?
  • Are your cleats in the right place?
  • Placing your foot correctly on the pedal is essential

TOTAL FEET  has developed a cycling program around the following solutions designed to help you optimize your pedaling technique.

These solutions include a series of adjustments and measurements focused entirely on the foot/pedal interface:

  •  To get rid of any discomfort or chaffing of the feet resulting from biking, regardless of level
  •  To enhance your pedaling power and fluidity
  • To correctly position the pelvis on the seat

The goal is to align the foot with the pedal (shoe/cleat interface) depending on your lower limb morphology (foot/ankle/leg) in order to optimize your pedaling power and fluidity in a way that is completely adapted to your particular body.

Please note: no adjustments will be made to other parts of the body or bike (seat, stem, etc.) – that’s the bike technician’s job.
The entire procedure takes about 2h30: you must bring your bike and cycling clothes

How does it work?

Analysis of the foot, footprint, complete baropodometric assessment
Cleat positioning and adjustment with Morphologics ML Cleat® cleat adaptors
Forming of insole based on the following criteria:

  • Shoe (stiffness, size and internal fit)
  • Foot (morphotype, volume, pressure distribution)
  • Series of measurements, forming of insole, video footage of your pedaling cadence on an Ergo Trainer TACX COSMOS

Forming of insoles

They are entirely custom-made to ensure a perfect fit with the natural movement of your foot during physical exertion.

Phase 1: Different materials are assembled together using thermo-forming techniques, insoles are then molded directly to your foot imprint while standing.

Phase 2: Pressure zones at the front and back of the foot are gradually reduced by analyzing pedaling cadence through video footage until the movement becomes fluid, regular, and the pelvis is properly positioned on the seat.




The entire procedure takes 2h30 to 3h:
Forming of insole, reducing pressure areas and adjusting pedaling cadence: an hourly rate of 75.00€ will be charged
SPORTS insole 175,00€ + adjustment time
PERFORMANCE insole: 195€ + adjustment time
RACING insole: 225€ + adjustment time

The shoe
The internal fit can be adapted to your foot shape. TOTAL Feet has all the tools and equipment necessary to adapt the shoe to fit perfectly with your foot.