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This has been considered as an side product, a fast over the self sale. It’s a piece of equipment as just as important in terms of protection as your ski jacket.Evacuate perspiration on the skin layer towards the liner.This perspiration coating as thin as it may be will attract coldness and increase muscle stiffness.
Anatomical fit : Cotton tube socks are long gone.Know a days, ski socks must fit your feet and calves as thin leather gloves do.Don’t forget: a sock wrinkle in a skiboot, will perform a pressure point,a pressure point, incomfort and pain..May the circle be unbroken..
Thin,but functional: The recent technologies in waving and fiber construction have increased the socks performance and reliability. They must be able to provide comfort throughout the winter season no matter how often you wash and tumble dry them.

You ‘ll find also a selection of heated ski socks where the heating element is   integrated in the sock  in the toe room. The Lithium battery pack are attached  at the top section of the sock

If you are a frequent skier , ski professional or ski racer, don’t forget to replace your socks after 2 seasons. Your feet will be thankful.

Our sock selection

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