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The very nature of golf means that it is the sport that puts the most pressure on the foot and ankle articulation.

A golfer needs strong support and perfect balance between his or her two feet to ensure a fluid transfer of weight from one foot to another throughout the entire swing movement.

The insole structure was developed by Jean Jacques RIVET-BIOMECASWING, in collaboration with SIDAS. The different parts of the insole are assembled and molded based on a comprehensive baropodometric assessment, an examination of the internal-fit size, and the particularities of the golfer’s feet as weight is shifted during the full golf swing. The back of the foot is perfectly supported to ensure that the biomechanical movement of the bone structure is exactly aligned with your swing movement.

For right-handed golfers, the left insole will be composed of firmer material in order to strengthen the stability of the supporting foot with a 0.6mm-thick carbon insert (the opposite for left-handed golfers).

These insoles, entirely molded to the golfer’s feet, are a great improvement over standard insoles and are easily transferable to other golf shoes.

Time: Appointment lasting 1h30 for analysis, preparation and fitting of the shoe. You’ll leave with the insoles ready to use.

Price: 225€ for the insoles

golfer swing

Cedric STEINMETZ, Golf Pro  Jiva Hill Park Hotel,Geneve   ,

“As a golf trainer, my insoles are key to providing me with the right stability and balance. My swings are much more precise and regular, particularly when putting close to the hole. I recommend all of my students to get in touch with Mark.  They are guaranteed to feel better supported in their shoes and progress at a more even pace.”