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comfort on mountain trails

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Comfort on mountain trails

For many ,this is quite normal: we put on our shoes, we go for a walk or a hike for a great moment of happiness. On the other hand, for some of you, it’s a bit difficult, you realize that your feet are not standard in their shape and needs.

The hiking boot can be defined as follows:
A good traction on the way up, secure on the way down: a sure grip thanks to a profiled sole
A midsole ensuring the natural  gait of the foot during the 3 phases of support of the foot and  shock absorbing role to relieve muscles and joints, especially on the way down.
An upper that wraps around your foot, providing an  “anatomical” support without constraining the foot’s muscular functions and ensuring comfort throughout your hike

We are   far from the sneakers or  the basic leather or canvas   hiking boots and  with a rubber sole in the 70s ……
Just like the ski boot, the purchase of a pair of hiking boots is a long-term investment for many years of pleasure

How do I choose THE  right hiking boot for me?

Assessing your needs within the  3 categories to chose from

ballade au dessus des fjords

The approach shoe:  A low shaft like the classic sports shoelightweight shoe, designed for straightforward terrain and trails, shorter day hikes and active everyday use.
Its design and the profile of the outsole ensure grip and traction on hiking trails,or in the forest.
Just like the running or tennis shoe, the upper does not wrap around the ankle of your foot  to offer great freedom of movement to the ankle when walking.

The upper is flexible and made of soft material  made of  a combination of synthetic and   leather material. The upper is waterproof , with a breathable inner lining with rubber reinforcements on the forefoot area for better protection of the toes when descending.
It also provides excellent foot support without compression allowing feet to feel comfortable while being protected from the elements.

by definition the shoe for low and medium mountain walks, on marked trails, or forest paths. The use of walking sticks is recommended to increase your stability, especially on the downhill sections.


The backpacking  or trekking shoe. The hiking shoe par excellence. A construction with a secure support of the ankle without restricting the natural flexion of the ankle when walking up or down.
The sole is thicker and more cushioning: it must ensure the stability of the foot and the ankle in the shoe of the unevenness of the ground or the paths or stony trails . The profile of the sole ensures excellent traction and control of the step in varied terrain but also  prevents from slipping  on stones or wet grass.
The upper section will provide  support and protection around the ankle. The lining is made of leather or with a breathable lining to evacuate  the moisture

Its weight is generally around 1200 gr/shoe. These shoes  will provide you comfort, support, and grip whether it is for a walk of several hours or a tour of the Mt Blanc

The alpine climbing  shoe Their kingdom : steep walls and the glacier fields
Designed with very waterproof materials, the sole is very rigid in order to give the foot a stiffness for  a secure grip  while climbing and the use of automatic  crampons  on glacier sections The weight of the shoe is its enemy: more than 2000gr/shoe. The stiffness of the sole makes approach walks  very tiring. In recent years, a new generation of mountaineering boots has appeared, built with new materials, allowing the weight of the boot to be reduced while maintaining excellent thermal insulation and a more anatomical fit for greater precision.

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