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For most of us, walking, running, climbing, pedaling or skiing are simple acts that our bodies can carry out with ease. 

Our lower limbs, ie. our legs and feet, allow us to move over any type of terrain and with varying degrees of effort.

Running is a cyclical movement involving between 500 and 1250 strides per km, which represents 50-80 strides per minute.

When the heel hits the ground, the impact, lasting only a few milliseconds, can add up to 3-5 times our body weight. When running downhill, the impact increases to 7-10 times our weight.

Grab a calculator to see the kind of impact your running has on your shoes and feet: you’ll be surprised to see the amount of work your foot is subjected to.

Running shoes: shoes are the most vital piece of equipment a runner can own. They are key to ensuring proper impact when your foot hits the ground. Running shoes have a wide range of functions: they cushion the impact, guide the foot, and propel our body forward during training and competitions.

In the running industry, shoes are produced on an industrial scale according to the expert knowledge and specifications of each manufacturer. Each model is designed to fit with a particular morphology of the plantar surface, running practice and type of terrain.

However, even the same person’s two feet are distinct in a variety of ways, including in terms of its form (morphotype), volume, muscle tone and mechanical function.

At TOTAL FEET, the running insoleis not created simply to replace the existing lining of your running shoe. It is entirely custom-made out of basic materials, cut up and assembled under vacuum pressure using thermo-welding techniques and shaped according to an orthopedic assessment before it is even inserted into the shoe. The aim is to:

Increase comfort by molding the insole to the shape of your plantar surface
Enhance the various mechanical functions of the shoe: ensuring that your foot is better guided at the different stages of impact in a single stride
Optimize dynamic support, particularly during the propulsive phase of the stride
You can use these insoles in any pair of running shoes and they last up to two years.


A single appointment is needed to prepare and deliver the insoles on the same day.

The appointment involves a complete podiatric assessment and gait analysis on a treadmill (feet + with running shoes).

A comprehensive assessment of your running shoe will also be conducted.
The insoles will be prepared and tested on the spot using a treadmill or outside.

How much does it cost?
Running insoles: 185€ – 225€

The insole is not the only important factor when it comes to proper and safe running practices. The shoe itself lasts only between 500km – 1000km of running, depending on the model, type of training and your morphology. To ensure a proper choice of shoes, TOTAL Feet recommends that you ask help from experts in the field:

Annemasse: OXYGENE Running Conseils

5, rue Adrien Ligué
tel: +33 (0)4 50 92 50 32



rue du pont neuf 4
tel: +41 22 342 03 33


Remember that running is one of the most accessible sports around: all you need is a T-shirt, a good pair of shoes, and you’re off!!