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Ergonomics well understood .


Find your true saddle fit with SQ Labs 

The sitbone and pubic bones both come together from their widest points in a “V” shape. This means the more dynamic the riding position, the narrower the saddle is allowed to, and should be.
Already in 2002 we developed a simple equation which uses the distance of the sitbone tips in dependence of the riding positing to calculate the perfect saddle width. This method has meanwhile been established globally. The method may be interpreted slightly differently from different saddle manufacturers and many leave the adjustment equation away all together, but our basic concept is used in all of these measuring methods.

All SQ labs saddles are availables in 4 different width.The unique  SQlab step saddle with clear pressure peaks at the sit bones and pressure relief in the front, lowered area. The depression in the middle of the saddle is sufficient to ensure excellent blood and nerve supply.

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