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Racing is a world of its own: moving from edge to edge in a thousandth of a second, full power transmission to the skis, anticipating tricky sections… a subtle adjustment will allow the racer to guide his skis towards the perfect course line and gain the split second needed to get ahead.

Every skier has different needs and expectations, depending on their discipline, morphology, physical strength and approach to skiing

Adapting a competition ski boot takes time, many adjustments will be needed depending on the skier’s evolution throughout the season. Many World Cup and FIS European cup skiers understand the importance of this “science” and spend a large part of their summer training fine-tuning their boots with the help of experts. A fantastic skier with a poor fit will never be able to express his skiing potential even with the best racing skis.
Since 1994, with support from Lange and Conform’able (1994-1999), Mark Festor has been working closely with some of the best Swiss athletes including Corinne REY-BELLET, Steve LOCHER, Catherine BORGHI, the DEFAGO brothers, William BESSE and Mike VON GRUNIGEN.
As head of the ROSSIGNOL racing ski boot department from 2000-2001, he worked with elite racers such as Hans Peter BURRAS, Carole MONTILLET, Pierrick BOURGEAT, Tania POUTIANEN, and the list goes on…
Still today, some of the best racers come to TOTAL FEET to fine-tune their boots and get form-fitted FIS Racing insoles.

June 2014 : Complete SHOELAB reorganisation with new machines and tools dedicated to   FIS  racing skiboot

Refrigerated storage unit to cool the shells after heat deformation or shell expansion

Anatomical precision fitting by local grinding and expansion to fit your feet as precisely as  when you put on your gloves

Marco Schwarz _GS

Total Feet Racing Dept