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Whether on short hikes, long hikes, treks abroad, trail running or mountaineering, your feet are put under a lot of stress. Proper support is essential on all types of terrain, including long ascents, unstable trails, rocky slopes, etc., and your choice of shoe remains crucial! Comfort and support will only help to minimize the risk of injury, irritation and acciden
TOTAL FEET  can adapt your hiking, trekking or mountaineering shoes with material that is especially designed for shoes made out of soft leather. Simple adjustments, such as reshaping the front of the shoe around the toes or the heel, are incredibly effective at creating a much more comfortable shoe.

Just as in running, the foot structure while hiking must be able to carry out various functions, including cushioning the impact, guiding the foot and propelling the body forward on any terrain and under all weather conditions.
The custom-made insole designed specifically for hiking or mountaineering will provide you with increased comfort under the foot, better precision in terms of contact and adherence to the terrain, and will reduce fatigue of the foot muscles over long hours of walking.


Stéphane Schaffter, professional  swiss mountain guide since 1978

For over 20 years, I have known Mark and his passion for sports orthotics and footwear. His meticulous work has kept me from losing my toes and has enabled me to keep doing what I love in the mountains in total comfort. For this I am extremely grateful.During various expeditions to the Himalayas, we were able to test different materials and find the best solutions to enable mountaineers to cope with extreme conditions at very high altitudes, where every movement must be carried out with precision and requires high levels of comfort and protection.During all of my ascents in the Alps, whether I was with clients or without, backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, ice climbing, or climbing, and also as a technical advisor for various manufacturers, I have often thought about the many issues and obsessions surrounding our feet. This aim to achieve ultimate comfort has led to many new inventions and concepts in the field.
Improving performance and comfort are already good reasons for choosing a shoe that is best adapted to your foot.

 Stephane passed away in July 2015 on the return   trip   of  an expedition in the ZASKAR, India ,   commemorating the  150 th anniversary of the Geneva  Swiss mountain club. WE have known each other since 1984 . This is a tribute to this friendship and a great mountaineer